The 30×30 Challenge

I’ve seen a lot of people doing challenges over the last few years. 30 Days of Art, 100 Days of Love, 14 Days of Detox… None of them speak to me. While they’re fun to watch, none of them seem… Continue Reading →

Meditation: Balance

Today’s entry from MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH by Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D. is about balance. The quote is by businesswoman and fashion icon Coco Chanel, “There is a time for work. And a time for love. That… Continue Reading →

The Girl, the ADD, and the Audiobook

I have made the trip between Alabama and Virginia five times now. Every time I try to listen to an audiobook. Previously I’ve tried audiobooks, but became frustrated with them because I could read the book in a day or… Continue Reading →

Diabetic Break-Up Cookies

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you may remember the Black Magic Cookies I made a few years ago for a friend in need. She refers to them as He’s The Devil Cookies, and who am I… Continue Reading →

Meditation: Serenity

Today’s entry from MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH by Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D. is on serenity. Novelist Elizabeth Bowen said “The silence of a shut park does not sound like country silence; it is tense and confined.” Having… Continue Reading →

Meditation: Starting Over

My life is very stressful in ways that, even though this is a personal blog, I cannot always talk about. I have a LOT going on in my life in addition to several physical and mental health issues. It’s all… Continue Reading →

Memories: The Earliest Days

What is a website if not a register of memories? I think about memories a lot these days. My dad talks off and on about books he wants to write, all based off his memories. I joke all the time… Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain Egg-In-The-Hole

I don’t know why it’s called the “Rocky Mountain” Egg-In-The-Hole, except that when you put the little circle of bread back on top it kind of looks like a mountain. Also, the rosemary gives it a little bit of a… Continue Reading →

The Smaller Closet Secret (Professional Edition)

I have always had too many clothes. While I am by no means a fashionista, I have had more clothes than closet space for as long as I can remember. And I shouldn’t. Not only is it a waste of… Continue Reading →

The Pare Down + 8 Tips To Simplify Your Space

We’ve finally gotten the new store set up, we breezed through the soft opening, and now at long last the grand opening is behind us. Now I have a little more time to devote to other things besides work. I… Continue Reading →

Movin’ On Up (The East Coast)

A few months ago I applied for a promotion within my company. It’s been several weeks of applications and phone calls and interviews and mostly waiting… Everything was looking pretty positive. My co-workers were convinced it was mine. But decision… Continue Reading →

Tiramisu Truffles

Who doesn’t love tiramisu? For me, tiramisu isn’t an every day desert, it’s for special occasions. And what’s more special than celebrating a new year? The only recipe for tiramisu I will ever use is the one memorized ages ago… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Cake

If you didn’t know what a rose smelled like, what would you imagine? All our lives we are immersed with the romanticization of roses. However, would that hold up under olfactory scrutiny if you were, say, 20-ish before you ever… Continue Reading →

Our New Home (On The Web)

Welcome to our new home! I’ve curated the best of the last five years worth of blog posts, recipes, and reviews and ported them from our various websites over to You’ll notice that most of what was saved was… Continue Reading →

Babies and Fancy Cheese

Isn’t she perfect? Our second niece was born early-early this morning. Like her big sister she waited a few days to make an appearance. Nothing like being fashionably late to the party. We don’t get to stick around and love… Continue Reading →

One-Pot Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli literally means pasta with beans, so in that sense that’s exactly what this is. If you came here looking for the Olive Garden soup, you’ve come to the wrong website. This is pretty amazing, though. I took… Continue Reading →

Personal Choices, Public Prejudice

I travel between five courthouses for my day job. I’m on pretty good terms with most everyone I interact with there, and a few of them have known me since I was a small child. I have a lot of… Continue Reading →

Updates, With Cake!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Wow, it’s been nearly two months since I posted anything. At least a few weeks of that I have an excuse. I had an Ulnar Nerve Transposition on my primary arm. That is to say that the major… Continue Reading →

Fourth Quarter Cake

This cake (as many of my cakes are) was made for my husband’s homebrew club meeting, more specifically their fourth quarter meeting. It was based around one of the few beers I will actually drink: Blue Moon, though I was… Continue Reading →

Making Old Candles New

My name is Haley and I have a problem: Scented candles. I love them. And I have the misfortune of working at a place that has 24 linear feet of various brands… All of which I get a whopping 40%… Continue Reading →

Custom or IKEA?

I’ve long admired all these DIY bloggers I follow. Many of them aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and custom build themselves something they long for. In theory, I’m not either. I can roll up plans and measurements with the best… Continue Reading →

Lemon Layer Cake

It’s pretty frustrating when you know you want to make a cake, but the recipes out there are all for a different kind of cake. When you search for lemon cake recipes, you’ll inevitably come up with a ton of… Continue Reading →

Ultra-Fudge Brownies

What better way to celebrate moving into a new house than by baking brownies? This is my super-special, ultra-fudge brownie recipe. Everyone tells me that my recipes are awesome, but this is my favorite. It’s the most chocolatiest, yummiest, nummiest… Continue Reading →

Browned Butter Banana Bread

My mother had some bananas she’d forgotten about and was about to throw them out. They were black, and the skin gave just by the pressure of holding them. The aroma coming off of them was so banana it was… Continue Reading →

Air Conditioning Woes

I’ve always maintained that Alabama was meant for plants, not people. Between the rain, the heat, and the bugs there’s no way man was intended to live here. Yesterday our air conditioner broke. Yes, our brand new, two week old… Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

It’s been a busy few weeks. Heck, it’s been a busy few months. August is here and we’re very nearly completely moved in. I’m still decorating, of course. And most of the furniture for the man cave hasn’t made its… Continue Reading →

Hospitals and Hospitality

We’re all a little preoccupied at the moment, so there may be no new updates for a few days. John’s in pre-op now for carpal tunnel surgery. It’s outpatient, but the healing time puts the kibosh on any two-person projects… Continue Reading →

The Things I’ve Learned Today

1) Contact paper smells really bad. 2) Microsoft likes to punish you for not routinely updating your XBOX by making it take forever when you do. 3) There is no such thing as “cry it out” when it comes to… Continue Reading →

This Is Just To Say

William Carlos Williams is my second favorite poet of all time. His words are often simple, but they stir evocative imagery. One of his most famous poems is “This Is Just To Say,” a sweet and good-humored piece of found… Continue Reading →

Quick Update

There isn’t a lot to report and even fewer pictures. The rain has been pretty bad and it’s pushed some things back. We do have siding, and as of today the inside has been trimmed out to join up all… Continue Reading →

Power Up

At about 6:45 this morning our local electrical cooperative showed up with their trucks and a pole. At 8:00 I’m going to call the electrician and see when he can get out here. This is so exciting! At this rate… Continue Reading →

Together At Last

About an hour ago the guys left for the last time. Yes, all the pieces of our house are together at last. First they finished shoring up the foundation with a combination of cement bricks, wood blocks, and steel beams…. Continue Reading →

Installation Day

Today’s the day! Yesterday evening our mover (who is also installing our foundation) dropped off his tractor after finishing another job a few miles away. On his way to work this morning, John called me and said, “Honey, I think… Continue Reading →

Wednesday Catch-Up

Is it really only Wednesday? My schedule has been blown to hell and back, and it’s so early in the morning that I’m not sure what will happen today. We still don’t have water. Septic was delayed by a funeral… Continue Reading →

All About Septic

Well, the house was not installed today. We still don’t have water, or even a foundation, but by god we have septic! It was actually a pretty fascinating process to watch. First he was kind enough to take out a… Continue Reading →

Chicken Avgolemono

Today as a bit of a balm for those of us mired in rain, I’ve decided to share my Greek Chicken Soup recipe. It’s lemony and refreshing, and the broth is thickened by eggs but still thin enough to go… Continue Reading →

The Cloudy Day Game Plan

It’s been raining. Sometimes it feels like it’s always raining. I’m sure the farmers disagree with me — you can hear them down at the market grumbling amongst themselves about drought. But summertime in Alabama often feels like monsoon season,… Continue Reading →

The Perc Test

I know we were supposed to be installed and ready to go by the end of last week, but things didn’t work out. For one, we learned we had to have ALL our utilities installed and ready to hook up… Continue Reading →

A Bee To The Face!

Note to Self: Don’t wear floral deodorant while working with plants. Additional Note to Self: Bees can smell fear. Today we (mostly) finished clearing out the lot that our new house will sit on. In all, seven trees had to… Continue Reading →

And So It Begins

Last week we bought a house. It was not the house we originally tried to buy. In fact, it’s over 100 square feet smaller. However, after careful consideration, we decided it was the best option out of our limited pool…. Continue Reading →

The Things They Don’t Tell You

You try and you try to research everything you can before making a huge decision like buying a house. But, boy, the things they don’t tell you could fill a book! At the suggestion of my father-in-law, I’m going to… Continue Reading →

Black Velvet Cake

This makes a really great New Year’s cake. Really, though, it’s a very elegant cake that can be used for any black-tie affair — or just anytime you want a touch of extra-rich elegance. This is very similar to a… Continue Reading →

Black Magic Cookies

I have a friend who’s going through a tough time right now. I won’t go into her details here, but suffice to say boys can be stupid. But, there’s a cure! Because chocolate will get you through times of no… Continue Reading →

Chicken Basil Chablis

Wow. I haven’t posted up a recipe in two months! I’m sorry. I finished my novel, started revisions, planned a second, got a lot of bad health news, started a diet, took two road trips, and picked up a part-time… Continue Reading →

Easy Ratatouille

We’ve all seen the movie. We’ve all salivated over Pixar’s way with food. But is the dish served in “Ratatouille” really ratatouille? The answer is no, with a dash of yes. It is ratatouille in the same way that the… Continue Reading →

Couscous Bianca

I’m back! I’ve had a lot going on the last month or so. Way more than normal. Most are fairly serious health problems that I’m going to have to overcome with time and patience and better habits. Which is to… Continue Reading →

Waldorf-Astoria Cupcakes

I wanted to make the perfect red velvet cupcakes for a friend and his wife. I started with my recipe for Velvet Butter Cake in addition to another recipe that I found online. I also improvised a little bit, if… Continue Reading →

Cheeseburger Eggrolls

These sound really difficult, but they are not. In fact, they may be the easiest dinner I’ve made in a really long time. Everyone loved them and it was even suggested that I make them for our next party. I… Continue Reading →

English Garden Jam

Continuing on with the champagne-infused theme is this lovely jam. It is exceedingly floral and pairs beautifully with fresh scones and a nice cuppa. If you’ve never had something containing rosewater before, it may seem like that Kentucky Derby hat… Continue Reading →

Champagne Ice Cream

As some of you may remember, last year I did a spread for Wiregass Living Magazine on foods and drinks made with champagne and wine. The magazine in question finally came out this past January to what I consider a… Continue Reading →

Broccoli & Onion Spirals

This is a great side dish. It doesn’t make a lot, though it is filling. If served in proper portions with something else it should feed four people. I would suggest blackened chicken or medium steak to go with this…. Continue Reading →

Fancy Pants Peas

This isn’t so much a recipe as a, “What do you mean you don’t make peas this way?” The flavors go together just so, so perfectly. And it isn’t exactly a pain to make. Yes, it’s more work than draining… Continue Reading →

Aromatic Rice

I love garlic. And once you’ve worked in the kitchen of an authentic Italian restaurant, you will never be able to cook a savory dish without thinking, “You know what this needs? Garlic.” This rice is delicately flavored, despite the… Continue Reading →

Alabama Cabbage

Every year I try to throw a Saint Patrick’s Day party. It doesn’t always work out, and this year’s rather spectacular failure was no exception; however, every year I do get to try out awesome new recipes of traditional dishes…. Continue Reading →

Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies

I found this recipe several years ago and, foolishly, scribbled down only the ingredients. Every year I try to make it and something always goes wrong. Except this year. Finally, they came out just as they were supposed to… Just… Continue Reading →

Diabetic Dump Cake

The very first thing I ever learned to make in Home Ec. (excuse me, Family and Consumer Sciences) was a little thing called “dump cake.” On each kitchen station we had a few cans and boxes and had instructions to… Continue Reading →

Cheesy Porcupines

These little guys are perfect for parties. They come together quickly and make about 50 at a go. These were created from a recipe that every Southern household has: Bisquick Sausage Balls. I’ve altered it a little here and there,… Continue Reading →

Campbell’s Brown Rice

My husband’s family simply calls this “Brown Rice”. However, since I happen to like real brown rice, I call it either Hines’ Family Rice or Campbell’s Brown Rice. It’s rich and savory and buttery and beefy and just plain good…. Continue Reading →

Cream Drop Biscuits

It’s my birthday! Yay!! I love cooking any day of the year, but cooking on my birthday is always a little bit more special. Usually when I cook I focus on the likes and needs of others. But, on my… Continue Reading →

Gold Nugget Spice Cake

I went to the store to buy butternut squash for bread and wound up with a load of different kinds of squash. Some I’d never even heard of before. Like this one: Gold Nugget Squash. What’s that all about? It… Continue Reading →

Golden Meatball Soup

The great thing about zucchini is that it is healthy for you and can be hidden in just about anything. I had half of a grated one left over from Squash Stir-Fry, as well as some raw steak burgers that… Continue Reading →

Good Morning Financier

I’ve been seeing a lot of financiers lately on both TV and blogs that I frequent. I was intrigued, but I like to pair flavors. I’m not a big single flavor girl. So, what goes good with almond? At work… Continue Reading →

Ham a l’Orange

This has been a terrible week. And, right now, life really sucks. It sucks so hardcore that I, who will tell a stranger my life story, don’t want to talk about it. But, as any good “fat kid” would say,… Continue Reading →

Half-Wheat Pineapple Bread

I found a bag of whole wheat flour in the pantry today and the date says it needs using. Some of you are probably laughing right now, because anyone that knows me knows that I am date-o-phobic. If it is… Continue Reading →

Falconette Potato Salad

I really wanted some potato salad today. I’m going to blame it on the proximity of July 4th. However, a problem lies in that I’ve never made potato salad before. Shocking, I know. A rifle through the internet and also… Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Oh, how I wish I could take beautiful pictures like Helene or Heather or Deb. Alas! I don’t even have a decent camera, let alone skill enough to convey exactly WHY you should go through all the trouble of this… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 Eggplant Dinner

I love eggplant. I know a lot of people don’t, but I find it highly enjoyable. It has a wide range of uses and can pick up an even wider range of flavors. This super simple dinner is what we… Continue Reading →

Beefy Rice Soup

I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately on my lunch breaks. No matter what’s in it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be better for me than a burger and fries. And it’s cheap. And I mean cheap. For the… Continue Reading →

Carrot & Lobster Bisque

This is the last soup for a while, I promise. I found this fabulous lobster bouillon and had to use it. I’ve been using their products for quite some time now. That’s my secret: With few exceptions, if I ever… Continue Reading →

Company Chicken Pasta

This super simple pasta dish is good enough for company, but simple enough for everyday dinner. It was born of a messed up chicken dish, but it turned out wonderfully. Ingredients: 3 lb. chicken thighs, boneless & skinless 2 cans… Continue Reading →

Chunky Garden Soup

This recipe is a little over a week old, but the memory is still fresh. It started out as a gumbo. I had a giant bag of fresh okra and some summer sausage that we had grilled. As I started… Continue Reading →

Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes”

I’ve been working very hard the last week or so to come up with healthier sides to serve at dinner. I like food and I don’t like eating like a bird. I want my plate to be full and my… Continue Reading →

Cheddar Jack Cheez-its

I’ve been trying to recreate Cheez-its. Not because I’m trying to save money, but because if I’m going to eat junk food then I would like to know what goes into it. Also, it makes me feel fulfilled. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Unexpected Literature

Someone once asked me what I thought the most relevant piece of literature from the past century was. I replied that I knew of two, but they weren’t what he was looking for. When he questioned me again, I wrote… Continue Reading →

Apple-Rosemary Jelly

I love rosemary. It’s so very woodsy and sweet. A little strong, but tasty in small amounts. It also goes with just about anything. At first I was just going to make a lightly infused rosemary jelly, but when I… Continue Reading →

Nectarine Bread Pudding

I love nectarines. There’s really not much difference between nectarines and peaches except that peaches are fuzzy and nectarines aren’t, but I feel like when I’m shopping my choices are firm nectarines or soft peaches. To me nectarines also have… Continue Reading →

Wedding Cake: Bridal

While still flavorful and moist, this cake is firm and hardy enough to be used in a wedding cake. Each batch is approximately 7 cups, so it can really be used for just about anything with a little math. I… Continue Reading →

Mahogany Sauce 1973

I was reading one of Mom’s really old (we’re talking 70’s) cookbooks the other day, and it called for something named Mahogany Sauce. Intrigued, I looked it up. To my horror, it included things like onions, ketchup and grape jam…. Continue Reading →

Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Mel brought a bucket of farm fresh strawberries into work the other day and I just had to have some. I haven’t made a strawberry cake since I worked at Joe’s, so I figured it was about time. This recipe… Continue Reading →

Triple Cheese Vermicelli

Last week I bought a boat load of cream cheese. It was on sale and I had intended to make a cheesecake for Easter. However, it was requested that I only make one dessert for family Easter because other people… Continue Reading →

Pollo alla Cacciatore

I love Italian food. A fact that was not hindered by my working at an authentic Italian restaurant last year. I was just the baker, so I didn’t really learn a lot of how the main dishes were cooked. This… Continue Reading →

Gingered Beet Syrup

I bought beets the other day. I’m not sure why, and that’s generally a bad shopping practice, but I felt like playing with beets. Now, I’ve never cooked beets before. I’m not even the biggest fan of beets. I’m not… Continue Reading →

World Famous Beet Tea

Okay, so maybe I got a little big headed with the title. However, I think this tea is absolutely fabulous. I was pondering and pondering what to do with the beet syrup I made earlier today, when it suddenly hit… Continue Reading →

Cheesecake Pockets

I’ve been in a cheesecake mood lately. I’m not very good at making traditional cheesecake, though. I mean, they always taste good, but they’re never very pretty. This one doesn’t have to be pretty, though. And it’s so very simple…. Continue Reading →

Bread Knots

I had a recipe for soft pretzels, but didn’t feel like making two dozen. I also had a craving for something even softer than soft pretzels normally are. I halved the recipe and made the ropes a little bigger, cutting… Continue Reading →

Triple Berry Bundt

I bought a bag of all natural dried mixed berries the other day with the intention of making muffins. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how long it had been since I made something “semi-homemade.”… Continue Reading →

Five Lily Soup

For most of the month of March, I’ve been in the mood to make French Onion Soup. I blame Café World on Facebook. There’s a really big problem with that, however: I’m allergic to onions. Imagine my surprise when I… Continue Reading →

Ranched Potato Mash

My mom makes the best mashed potatoes. Ever. I could eat them at least once a week and twice on Sunday. Sometimes we do. Because Mom has a secret. She uses mashed potato flakes and follows the directions on the… Continue Reading →

Salmon Potato Chowder

Lent is upon us and I noticed the local grocery store was having a massive sale on seafood. Well, actually, they were having a massive sale on pretty much every kind of protein except peanut butter. That’s beside the point,… Continue Reading →

Mom’s Loaded Potato Soup

Mom found a recipe on an old Southern Living insert and decided to have some fun with it. We’re not terribly patient people, so the fact that the soup was supposed to be made in a slow cooker had to… Continue Reading →

Homemade Butter

I’m so pleased with myself, I can barely contain it. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m not containing it in the least. I’ve been telling everyone available and running about the house with a bowl shouting, “I made butter! I… Continue Reading →

White Bean Chili

As you may have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a soup kick lately. Now, chili isn’t really soup, but I consider it to be close enough. Of course, a gentleman once told me that close is kind of… Continue Reading →

Apricot Spiced Chicken

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for several weeks now. I don’t know why: it just popped into my head one day. “Wouldn’t apricots be lovely with chicken?” I thought. Then, I started playing with the idea and the… Continue Reading →

Chicken Pot Pies, Pt. 2

Tonight, I was trying to think of an easier way to make my Chicken Pot Pies from last week. First of all, the other recipe makes two really big pies and I wanted a more manageable size. Also, I don’t… Continue Reading →

Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s been pretty cold around here, and some homemade chicken noodle soup seemed the perfect thing to make for company. I made an extra big pot so that some could be sent home with others and some could be eaten… Continue Reading →

Time To Say….

Quando sono sola sogno all’orizzonte e mancan le parole, si lo so che non c’è luce in una stanza quando manca il sole, se non ci sei tu con me, con me. Su le finestre mostra a tutti il mio… Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Snapped Her Own Kneecap

Not to be confused with The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot. There’s a reason why my hashtag is CallMeSupergirl. Does anyone remember the great gallbladder incident of 2008? Those were some pretty spectacular stomach pyrotechnics. When they did the… Continue Reading →

In The Spirit Of A Movement That Defined A Generation

John and I ran away last night. We were sitting on our front porch, looking at the stars in the warm, yet breezy, late summer air. I was sewing a decorative kitchen towel, he was drinking a beer, the sounds… Continue Reading →

Pi Day Relationship Quiz

What are your middle names? Leigh and Muthig How long have you been together? Next month will be two years. How long did you know each other before you started dating? Uhm… 20 months? Who asked who out? We were… Continue Reading →

25 Random Things About Haley

I’ve read so many of these things on Facebook that I finally decided to break down and do my own. Here are 25 random things about me that you may or may not know. 1) All I’ve ever wanted was… Continue Reading →

Poached Tilapia With Hollandaise

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This isn’t typical New Years fare, but then I don’t normally like traditional foods. My mom can have all the black-eyed peas and ham hocks and cornbread she can cook. I’ll eat them, don’t get me wrong–especially… Continue Reading →

The Ravages Of Vietnam

My mother had surgery today on her shoulder, etc. and I went off to buy groceries and meds and such while Dad put her to bed. While I was gone, my dad checked the phone messages and found out that… Continue Reading →

Caramel Apple Muffins

This is a great recipe / craft to do with kids… Or just to satisfy the big kid within. It’s fall and along with the urge to buy school supplies I don’t need I start craving that nostalgic mix of… Continue Reading →

Golden Delicious-Pear Pie

I’m really bad at making pie. Actually, that’s an understatement. I’m fairly notorious. However, both times that I’ve tried to make this pie it’s turned out extremely well. Maybe it’s the foolproof instructions that come with the pie crust mix,… Continue Reading →

Another Happy Birthday To Me

And, so, another year passes. This one, I must say, has taken the toughest toll on me than any other. It has been a year filled with few ups and many downs. Most of these, I think, I have made… Continue Reading →

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